December 3rd, 2010 by Benjamin Koe under Technology

Deep dive into data with new Insights Search feature

JamiQ’s new Insights Search feature takes the pain out of deep diving. Instead of having to read through pages of data, you now can do instant searches for what you need to look for within every Topic.

In the below example Topic for HBO, we’ve searched for the mentions of “love” with the intention of seeing what movies or shows people love on HBO.


This is an exciting feature for anyone who wants to drill deeper into the data to answer questions such as:

  1. Are people talking about my product as a Christmas present?
  2. Do people think my product sucks?
  3. Is there a group of people who want to boycott my brand?
  4. Do people think of my restaurant as a great place for breakfast, lunch or dinner?
  5. Who do people compare my brand to most often?

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