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November 2nd, 2010 by Benjamin Koe under Commentary

The Finalists – World’s Coolest Intern

Congratulations to the top 23 finalists of the Standard Chartered Bank’s World’s Coolest Intern competition. After computing the digital footprint of all the applicants, these 23 came out on top. JamiQ wishes the finalists best of luck in becoming the World’s Coolest Intern!

Full details about the finalists can be found on Standard Chartered’s Breeze Blog.

October 21st, 2010 by Benjamin Koe under Commentary

World’s Coolest Intern partners video

With a huge amount of applications flowing in, this video is about to cause the flood gates to burst. Standard Chartered Bank got us to contribute to their new video on what the winner of the World’s Coolest Intern contest will get. It was great fun getting it done and I think the result is brilliant! Check it out!

October 1st, 2010 by Benjamin Koe under Commentary

How We Evaluate the World’s Coolest Intern

As the auditor for Standard Chartered Bank’s “World’s Coolest Intern” competition, we are publishing the criteria and measures we’ll be using for the evaluation. If you’re serious about getting a place in the Top 20, then head over to the Breeze Blog for some tips and tricks on how to get noticed. Best of luck!

Coolest Intern Evaluation Criterion 2

September 22nd, 2010 by Benjamin Koe under Commentary

World’s Coolest Internship

poster.epsJamiQ is proud to be part of the “World’s Coolest Internship”. That’s right, Standard Chartered Bank is awarding $30,000 for a 6 month internship with the Breeze mobile banking team in Singapore.

JamiQ will be the official auditor for this competition weeding through all applications till we arrive with the Top 20. Furthermore, the winning intern will also receive training from JamiQ to learn about using our social media monitoring tool.

Interested? Find out more at the Breeze Blog!

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