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July 28th, 2009 by Benjamin Koe under Corporate

New Chinese, Korean, and Japanese data sources

Monitoring the social media in Asia calls for more coverage than simply English language content.

The team at JamiQ today has added new Asian data sources to the Add Topic interface. These include major Chinese, Korean, and Japanese news and blog search engines.

We now have Baidu, iAsk (Sina), Naver, Technorati Japan, and Google China Blog Search. These data sources give you the ability to search in local language and cover the majority of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese sites. If you need to add other sites/sources, you can always input your own RSS feeds.

Do note that JamiQ’s sentiment detection currently does not work with non-English content. But tracking mentions, influence, and market segmentation works great.

July 14th, 2009 by Benjamin Koe under Technology

A more flexible interface

Picture 1

We have taken heed to some of the more pressing feedback from our beta testers and today are happy to announce a major upgrade to JamiQ’s interface.

While our approach to using RSS feeds as data sources gives our users great flexibility and power, many users found it too much of a hassle having to visit data source after data source to extract the RSS feed.

The new Add Topic interface will now help you search and extract the RSS feeds from your some of the Internet’s best data sources and automatically add them to your Topic. It’s so simple now even my grandma could do it. This has been done without compromising any of the customizable elements that advanced users love.

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