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June 18th, 2012 by Tan Wei Shen under Commentary

Social Media Crisis Checklist

Crisis Checklist

Social media crises situations are like a blow beneath the belt – it may seem small and trivial at first, but the aftereffects are usually deceptively painful. And when crises happen, most people and companies are often at a loss about what to do.

Based on our experience managing and monitoring social media crises for clients across Asia, we have come up with a simple Social Media Crisis Checklist for brands to better manage their crisis situations. This checklist is designed especially for PR users, but we’re sure it will fit well with anyone managing a crisis online.

The next time you find yourself or your client in a crisis, don’t panic, just follow these steps one at a time. It’s worked for us and our clients. We’re sure it’ll work for you.

For printing and distribution, download the high-res PDF here.

Feel free to share it and we appreciate if you could credit us in your post.

January 28th, 2009 by Benjamin Koe under Corporate

JamiQ gets on Marketing Magazine


Today JamiQ headlined Marketing Magazine’s breaking news. In terms of effective and targeted PR, this is as good as it gets. Within minutes of publishing, we received a tsunami of congratulations and new enquiries.

Mentioned in the comments of the article was saying:

…This will be a very interesting field to follow, I predict strong growth here and then a serious shake out in a few years time when marketers decide who they trust and more importantly who gets results for the right price.

We hope this prediction is true too.

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