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November 17th, 2009 by Benjamin Koe under Corporate

JamiQ is open for business!


We’re finally out of Beta. JamiQ is now open to the public! Come on in and take a look at the new features we have to offer.

Here are some of the advantages that makes JamiQ the perfect social media monitoring solution:

  1. Amazingly huge coverage. We’ve designed a unique system that does not require us to collect a small subset of the social media. We can reach just about any conversation anywhere in the world in real-time.
  2. Multilingual content. Part of having an amazing coverage is that we don’t only get the English content. If you’re based in a multilingual market like Asia, you’ll definitely benefit the most from JamiQ’s monitoring.
  3. Market Segmentation. JamiQ helps you drill down to the market you’re concerned about. With our advanced algorithms, we can intelligently determine where a post is from giving you a focused view of your market.

Of course JamiQ also comes ready with the must-haves of social media monitoring including: real-time buzz trending, sentiment detection, and influence scoring.

Find out more about our features and pricing or visit the main site at

July 28th, 2009 by Benjamin Koe under Corporate

New Chinese, Korean, and Japanese data sources

Monitoring the social media in Asia calls for more coverage than simply English language content.

The team at JamiQ today has added new Asian data sources to the Add Topic interface. These include major Chinese, Korean, and Japanese news and blog search engines.

We now have Baidu, iAsk (Sina), Naver, Technorati Japan, and Google China Blog Search. These data sources give you the ability to search in local language and cover the majority of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese sites. If you need to add other sites/sources, you can always input your own RSS feeds.

Do note that JamiQ’s sentiment detection currently does not work with non-English content. But tracking mentions, influence, and market segmentation works great.

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