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October 22nd, 2009 by Benjamin Koe under Technology

Brand new Filters

Today we’re proud to announce that we now have available the most anticipated features since JamiQ began beta testing! Most of our beta users have been using JamiQ to monitor conversations of their brands online amassing huge amounts of data. Previously, the only way to drill down into the data was to download them all into Excel and go through it the manual way.

Not any more. JamiQ is proud to announce the Filters!

Want to only see the conversations on blogs from your country? How about just a look at what’s negative or influential? Now you can from right within each Topic. This new Filter Feature you now see above the Topic works on both the Charts and Data pages.

We’ve also made it really easy to Filter down to what’s important. Clicking on the country or media in the Top 5 boxes jumps you directly to the data you want to see.

Also, if you feel that everything loads up a little faster now, that’s because we’ve upgraded to new servers that have more processors than I have fingers.

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