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January 26th, 2011 by Benjamin Koe under Technology

JamiQ is now crisis ready!

When a crisis hits and mentions of your brand suddenly increases, JamiQ is able to pick up on that trend and immediately send you a notification by email. This new feature uses a unique and intelligent algorithm to predict a moving sensitivity benchmark based on historical data trends within a Topic.

When a spike in the buzz chart exceeds this benchmark, an alert is immediately created and sent to the customer’s email even when the customer is not logged into JamiQ.

JamiQ customers can adjust the spike detection to focus on a particular market, media type, influence level, and even adjust the sensitivity level to ensure all potential crisis are picked up. This feature dramatically improves reaction time for reputation and crisis management.
Spike Detection

This feature is currently available to all existing and new JamiQ customers. For more information on this feature and JamiQ’s social media monitoring solutions, drop us an email at

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