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JamiQ Insights

The direct unfiltered brutally honest nature of much online discussion is black gold…texas tea to companies that want to spot trends or find out what customers really think.
(The Economist, 11 March 2006)

When it comes to business and market intelligence, there’s only one thing that matters. Insights.

In the past, some companies did street surveys with a boat load of interns, while others google for a feel of what’s being said online. But with the rise of Web 2.0, consumers the world over are sharing millions of opinions on your brands, products, and services on thousands of social media platforms.

JamiQ Insights offers corporations a revolutionary new way to discover critical business and marketing insights through advanced opinion mining and sentiment analysis of millions of online opinions.

JamiQ Insights is a fully-customized market research service that leverages on JamiQ’s cutting-edge data mining and artificial intelligence technology to capture, “read”, and process millions of online opinions in a cost-effective and time-saving manner.

JamiQ Insights delivers comprehensive easy-to-read reports without the technology barrier. JamiQ couples cutting-edge technology with experienced social media analysts to produce the highest quality research reports for our clients.

Our customers have used JamiQ Insights to answer questions such as:

  • What is being said about my products and services?
  • Which features of my product are most loved or hated?
  • Who are my greatest fans and critics?
  • Which markets love my brands and which are my competitors strong in?
  • Do the influential people talk about me?
  • Am I missing a potential groundswell of complaints?
  • And much, much more…

JamiQ Insights goes way beyond traditional market research giving our customers the competitive edge and insights to make strategic business and marketing decisions.

To find out more about how JamiQ Insights can work for you, contact:

Benjamin Koe
Co-Founder & CEO, JamiQ
+65 9181 7128

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