November 6th, 2008 by Benjamin Koe under Corporate


It’s not my birthday and it sure isn’t Christmas, but I’ve been getting many surprises.

For one, while the team here is focusing on our public facing flagship product to go on, I’m getting so much interest from everyone else for custom reports pertaining to their brands and products.

In fact, as I write this post our engine is doing some serious processing for our very first client and tomorrow I’m off to meet another client to get the low down on what he wants a report of.

While most people envision winning clients as slog, slog, slog, for the money, I’m having a ball of a time! You see, helping others do opinion mining and sentiment analysis of what everyone is saying online is pure discovery. Every project is filled with surprises. No one know what’s the most talked about product, no one knows which of the product’s features is the most loved, no one knows anything until you put it all together.

This is so much fun and its slowly turning into something awesome! What more, it’s even better to know that this information we produce is not just another fun fact, but true and honest insights that these companies are going to use to make some serious decisions with.

Dang, now I’ve got to put together a product offering so I can charge everyone fairly and make this demand operate like clockwork. Wish me luck!

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