July 29th, 2010 by Benjamin Koe under Corporate

Influencer Discovery and Social Media Crisis Monitoring now available at JamiQ

Over the last two years, we at JamiQ have been working with our client to refine some of the best frameworks that make use of social media monitoring data and analysis. Today we are proud to present you with two of the most needed services in proven packages that have been perfected through our work with the industry.

Influencer Discovery is a powerful way to discover, profile, and trend your top social media influencers. Chances are, you’ve not reached out to everyone that matters to your brand and that includes the new ones are emerging everyday.

When a crisis hits, you need to be prepared. This package contains both the insurance and solution you need address a crisis. JamiQ provides real-time monitoring with added analysis from dedicated staff when things blow up.

To find out more about JamiQ’s Packages. Arrange for a meeting with Benjamin Koe (benjamin.koe@jamiq.com / +65 91817128).

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