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October 20th, 2008 by Benjamin Koe under Corporate

Because everyone says so

Welcome to The JamiQ Report. This is our first blog post and an exciting day for JamiQ. After months of planning, development, and sacrifice, we’re nearing the exciting launch of the company and our first product.

While I can’t spoil the fun and tell you what the product will be, I want to introduce you to what JamiQ is all about.

Web 1.0 showed us that computers connected to the Internet was fun; Web 2.0 showed us that creating content and sharing our opinions online was awesome; so that got us thinking that there’s bound to be lots of things said about every brand, product, place, and possibly every person somewhere online. Good opinion, bad opinion, kind words, nasty words, etc. But how do we make sense of all that?

This incredibly growing universe of shared opinions has given rise to many new questions, both from consumers and corporations, that are could be really helpful in making decisions. For example, do the customer reviews of the Linksys WRT300N Router on reflect what users in say Malaysia have experienced? Did you know that it’s 802.11n settings have problems working with Mac OS? What do people mostly use it for? Gaming? Office? Home? Firmware hacking? What are people’s favourite features? Range? Speed? Firewall?

The answer to these questions help consumers make better buying decisions, and help corporates understand their customers better.

In a nutshell, we at JamiQ are interested in discovering what everyone is saying about… well, everything! We believe there’s collective wisdom when we can see what everyone is saying about a particular topic. Not just your favourite forum, not just, not even your country. Everyone.

If you still can’t wrap your head around what we do, well, think of us as a market research company. Only difference is that we don’t just want to survey a small sample of people, we care about everything that’s said out there on the Internet.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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